Squale 1000m Dive Watch

The Squale a hundred and one Swiss made dive watches ATMOS Ref. 2002 watch is a remake of the authentic 101ATMOS from the 70s, and it’s a beast (in a great manner). Made in Switzerland, taxhe new Squale 2002 version is a one thousand meter dive watch that has the famous snap-on uni-directional bezel and three.5mm thick sapphire crystal with a double gasket to ensure incredible water resistance.

The particular black bezel insert is manufactured from difficult bakelite this is coloured in a multi-stage manner. First the phosphorescent fabric is applied with the aid of hand, observed by coloring with varnishes resistant to seawater corrosion, after which utility to the helping steel substrate. This guarantees remarkable bezel legibility. Like the vintage Squale version that stimulated it, the bezel can constantly be unscrewed from above.

Squale won’t be an eye fixed logo you’re acquainted with, but you likely ought to be. In their early days, Squale produced watches and watch cases for numerous Swiss brands who didn’t have the knowledge to build their personal professional dive timepieces. The smaller manufacturers used the Squale emblem on their dial as a sign of nice. In 1950, Squale began to provide their personal variety of professional diving watches underneath the Squale name, marking the beginning of the emblem’s institutional history.

$1250 at Gnomon.

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